Hello neighbors!

Welcome once again to the on line home of the Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association. September has arrived and we're enjoying the last few days of Summer. The kids are back in school and there are plenty of things going on in Lakewood Village.

The September issue of the Newsletter has been published!

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Next LVNA General Meeting: October 8th

We're working on some hot topics for our next General meeting. Please check the Next LVNA Meeting tab for details.

West Nile Virus update

We heard a very interesting presentation by Dr. Noor Tiezie of the Santa Clara County Vecttor Control District at the September LVNA meeting. Dr. Tiezie brought us up to date on the areas where infected mosquitos have been found, and what steps are taken when that happens.

We're been concerned that two dead birds that tested positive for West Nile Virus were found in Lakewood Village in the July/August time frame. The good news is that no more such birds have been reported since. The birds were probably infected elsewhere and flew here to die.

When dead birds are found, the Vector Control district sets out traps to catch mosquitos in the area. The true red flag event for a neighborhood is the trapping of a mosquito that tests positive as a carrier of disease. If that happens then the Vector Control district fogs the area with an insecticide.

According to Dr. Noor, no infected mosquitos have been found in Lakewood Village. There are no plans to fog our neighborhood at this time.

What's more, the annual mosquito season is almost over. Mosquitos can't cope with nighttime temperatures below about 50 degrees F. The approaching Autumn should control the danger, at least until next Spring.

We'll keep you posted on any further developments. Many thanks to everyone who attended the meeting.

Levi's Stadium impacts

We had a good discussion of the impacts our neighbors have noticed in conjunction with events at the new Levi's Stadium. The September LVNA meeting was the first one held since the stadium opened, and it is clear that Lakewood Village is being used as a parking lot by some of the fans.

  • One neighbor who lives near the intersection of Socorro and Wildwood reported several cars that parked on the street and whose occupants walked towards the stadium.
  • One neighbor who lives near the John Christian Greenbelt on Manzano reported a number of people parking their cars on the street and then crossing the pedestrian bridge over the Calabasas Creek.
  • One neighbor who lives on Lakehaven Drive on the Lakewood side of the neighborhood reported a number of people parking their cars and then walking along Lawrence to the light rail station.
  • One neighbor who lives on Blazingwood reported heavy traffic (including tour busses) using the street as a cut-through to get from the traffic signal at Sandia to Wildwood Avenue.

When asked, just about everyone agreed that there have been impacts on Lakewood Village from the events at Levi's Stadium. Also, the impacts have affected both sides of our neighborhood. When asked to rate the severity of the impacts on a scale of 1 (minor) to 10 (major), just about everyone agreed the impacts are currently more than level 5. What's more, many people expressed a fear that we're seeing just the beginning. As more fans realize that Lakewood village is close to both the stadium and to light rail and bus lines accessing it, neighbors are afraid that the number of fans using our streets as their parkng lot will only grow.

We were very lucky to have a special guest in the audience at the September LVNA meeting: Vice Mayor Jim Davis. Jim took note of the information given at the meeting and told us he would look into what could be done. He said he would come to the next LVNA meeting to report on what he found out and to get more information from the people living here as to what is actually going on.

We'll continue to follow this important issue. Watch this space!

LVNA receives check for Dumpster Day Donation Drive from Goodwill of Silicon Valley

Representatives of Goodwill of Silicon Valley presented a check for $2,841.78 to the Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association at the Sunnyvale City Council meeting held on August 26th. The check was accepted by LVNA 2nd Vice President Pat Muniz and LVNA President Fred Fowler.

Ryan Gleqson, Director of Operations for Goodwill, said:

On behalf of our entire organization, please accept my sincere thanks for partnering with Goodwill of Silicon valley on the Donation Drive fundraising event. As a result...we were able to successfully collect over sixteen thousand pounds of donations in one day! Your contributions support a vital revenue stream that sustains our programs which provide essential job-development services for thousands of local residents in our community and ensure increased landfill diversion through our repurposing and recycling efforts.

Fred Fowler thanked the City of Sunnyvale and Specialty Solid Waste and Recycling for making Dumpster Day possible, and thanked Goodwill for sponsoring their Donation Drive program.

National Night Out/Hot August Nights, is a BIG SUCCESS

I'm writing this the day after our first "Hot August Nights" car show, and it couldn't have gone any bettter! We had almost 30 of the coolest cars you've ever seen stop by. We had great music provided by Idol Hands. Best of all, I met and talked to many of you who I hadn't seen in many years! Lakewood Village really turned out for the event, and that helped make it a very special evening indeed.

Our event was held as part of National Night Out, a nationwide event sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch. The purpose of the event is to get neighbors out or their houses and doing things together once a year. The idea is to "take back the night" from not-so-pleasant elements in the community and get neighbors to stake a claim in their community. Judging by the number of people who came out last night, our event worked! A great time was had by all.

There are lots of people to thank! Many thanks to:

  • The band Idol Hands who came and played great music for us just for the asking.
  • Joel Wyrick of the Sunnyvale Downtown Association who provided the stage and sound system.
  • Specialty Solid Waste and Recycling and its general manager Jerry Nabhan who generously sponsored the stage and sound system.
  • John Shaw who helped get the cool LVNA Banner printed and delivered with very little lead time.
  • Lakewood Shopping Center General manager Stan Yee who gave us permission to use the shopping center parking lot.
  • Mona's Fruits and Food catering truck who supplied great fruit cocktails, hot dogs and tacos.
  • Allstate Insurance, Instyle Salon, Curry Bhavan Indian Restaurant, Stevens Philly Cheesesteaks, Lakewood Dentist, Tasman Square Dentist, and City101 for supplying bags and discount coupons as "thank you" gifts for the classic car drivers.
  • United Site Services and A Tool Shed for giving us deals on the rental of a porta-pottie and 30 traffic barricades.
  • Lakewood Shell Station for allowing us to power the sound system from their electrical outlets.
  • The Sunnyvale Amateur Radio Emergency Service (SARES) for helping direct traffic, check in classic cars, perform safety patrols and break down the site after the event was over.
  • The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety for supplying a fire truck, two motorcycles and a number of uniformed officers for the event.
  • LVNA board members Dess Tamez, Wendy Stanley and Pat Muniz for their tireless work to help nail down a myriad of event details.
  • LVNA board secretary Phyllis Fowler who had the idea for "Hot August nights" in the first place.
  • Special thanks to Eli Haddaway, son of Dawn Haddaway, for his hard work helping to set things up at the beginning of the event and to clean things up at the end.
  • Very special thanks to all of the owners of all of those great cars! Thanks for bringing them out for the rest of us to enjoy!

We got lots of cool pictures of the event (and even a video). To see them, check out our Facebook Group page: Lakewood Village LVNA

Once again I would like to ask for feedback about this new LVNA website. Please let me know what you think! Send me e-mail at fmfainc@gmail.com with your thoughts and ideas and/or profound philosophical observations. I'll post the best of them on the site and we can have a dialog.

I look forward to hearing from you!


(Fred Fowler, President, Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association).