Greetings neighbors. Welcome once again to the on line home of the Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association.

I want to apologize for being out of touch lately. I took a new job in October and I found things there to be terribly disorganized. I'm finally starting to get things under control, but I've had to spend many weeks of 12 hours per day, 7 days per week effort. The other LVNA board members (especially Wendy Stanley) stepped up and took on the load, but several things (such as the http://www.lvna.net website) have suffered.

Anyway, I hope all of that is now behind me. It is time to close the book on 2014 and start planning out what the new year holds for us all.

Come to the Lakewood Park building on Wednesday, January 14th at 7:00pm and help us scope out 2015 for the LVNA. We'll be having an ?open? board meeting that night where the board will conduct its normal business. In addition, we'll be looking at the various challenges the neighborhood faces and will try to identify the ones to focus on in the coming year. We ask as many interested Lakewood neighbors as possible to join us. We need your insights and suggestions as to what is most important for us to have on our collective ?radar screen?. The more participation we get, the better.

Last year we had quite a number of initiatives that bore fruit for us all. We got and provided information about the renovation of Lakewood School, we worked with Public Safety on the impacts of the new Levi's Stadium, we learned about the County's plans for a 5 year project to transform Lawrence Expressway, and we gave input to the VTA about bus service to the north side of Sunnyvale. We organized ourselves to deal with a new graffiti problem, we learned about the challenge of West Nile Virus in Sunnyvale, we got updates on the Santa Clara Valley Water District's flood control project for the Sunnyvale East Channel, and we gave input to the city about the timing of the renovation of Lakewood Park. In addition, we had a very successful Dumpster Day, an even more successful Classic Car Show, and a wonderful Holiday Parade to cap it all off. 2014 was quite a year for the LVNA.

Come to the meeting on Wednesday January 14th and help us plan out 2015!

Once again I would like to ask for feedback about this LVNA website. Please let me know what you think! Send me e-mail at fmfainc@gmail.com with your thoughts and ideas and/or profound philosophical observations. I'll post the best of them on the site and we can have a dialog.

I look forward to hearing from you!


(Fred Fowler, President, Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association).

PS: here is a link to The January 2015 issue of The Villager.