Greetings neighbors. The LVNA is off to a good start in 2015, with a full board of directors and a little extra money in the bank. Last month's LVNA elections returned Pat Muniz as 2nd Vice President, Dess Tamaz as our Treasurer and Phyllis Fowler as LVNA Secretary. Also elected was John Thornton, a new member of the board who is taking on the role of 1st Vice President. Last but not least, I was elected LVNA President for another year.

Before we get started on the 2015 agenda, there is one more thing to do for the 2014 LVNA program ? THANK everyone who took part! 2014 was a banner year for the association, with lots of new initiatives and activities. There were many volunteers who worked hard (either out in the open or behind the scenes) to make the year a successful one. We need to get together, have a party and say thanks for a job well done!

Please come to the Lakewood Park building on Wednesday, April 8th at 7:00pm to help celebrate the success of our 2014 LVNA year. We will supply free pizza and drinks (while the supplies last) and will hand out tokens of appreciation to the volunteers. We'll have a special guest to help us with the festivities, namely Richard (Dick) Santos, our district's elected representative to the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board of Supervisors.


(Fred Fowler, President, Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association).

PS: here is a link to The April 2015 issue of The Villager.